Portable Air Conditioners Vs. Portable Swamp Coolers

As soon as you feel the temperature rise, of course, you would feel the need to cool down. The equipment you’re more likely to resort to would be an air conditioning system. However, in certain locations, particularly in apartment buildings, it may be an issue to install a standard air conditioning unit.

Air conditioning machines are impractical and expensive to install, especially in big, ample spaces. This is why most people choose to install portable air conditioning units instead. Swamp coolers can be an option as well, to help deal with the intense summer heat.

However, one may ask which one is much more advisable when it comes to the cooling mechanism? Is it much more effective to get swamp coolers rather than air conditioning units whether portable or is it not?

Learning More About Portable Air Conditioning Units and Swamp Coolers

Both these appliances aim to decrease the temperature in any given space. However, the difference lies in the cooling techniques that each individual machine uses. In addition to this, the terms portable air conditioning units, as well as evaporative coolers or swamp coolers, could be interchanged often mainly because of the surprising similarities that they have.

Air conditioners, whether portable or not, serve as dehumidifiers. They set the moisture out of the internal atmosphere. Swamp coolers tend to do the opposite. They add humidity to the air to cool down the space they are used in.

In addition to this, it would be best for you to use air conditioning units in closed environments. This way, on the air with continually circulate and provide cold temperature. Evaporative coolers help to supply the user with fresh air, but usually are not as effective when it comes to cooling down rooms.

Because of the differences mentioned above, it would be hard for you to choose the equipment that is right for your needs, whether residential or industrial. You would have to make a lot of other considerations in order to decide properly.

Top Considerations To Make Before Buying Swamp Coolers or Portable Air Conditioning Units

The Basic Climate

Remember that swamp coolers work best in warmer climates as compared to colder ones. The media pads also should be exposed to direct sunlight at an angle for better evaporation. This way, you would not have to worry about the machine malfunctioning over time.

In addition to this, make sure that you use this particular machine in a location with low humidity. This is because swamp coolers work to provide moisture to the air. A swamp cooler requires dryer climates, as they use vapor to cool the air. Vapor and humidity don’t mix well and result in stuffy environments.

Cooling Needs

If you need to have your space cooled down much more effectively, it would be best to choose portable air conditioning units instead of swamp coolers.

Swamp coolers only produce moisturized air. They work to let natural air circulate effectively giving you fresh cooled air to breathe.

Air conditioning units, on the other hand, use chemical coolants to release cooled air into the environment. This is why it is much more efficient to use air conditioners for cooling down room temperatures.

In addition to this, if you plan to lower temperatures inside closed spaces, it would be best to choose air conditioning units.


You need to think about this before getting either of these machines. Air conditioners tend to consume more energy compared to a swamp cooler. On the other hand, swamp coolers tend to consume more water because of the evaporative process.

Which of these are you prepared to pay for? It is said that swamp coolers are much more cost-effective and financially sound to have, compared to air conditioning units. However, your decision will still depend on what you actually need from these machines.

Your House’s Design

Whether you get air conditioning units or swamp coolers, it is important to consider the design of your house, specifically the room in which you’re going to put these units in. Do you have windows? Are you going to cool down a small space? These factors will definitely affect the kind of machine that you will get.

You have to think about these things carefully before making a decision. That way, you will not end up regretting anything down the line.

More Information About Air Conditioners: Their Benefits and Limitations

Air conditioners, especially portable ones, tend to take control of the indoor temperature without having you dealing with additional installation procedures. It can also work to provide supplemental air conditioning capabilities, especially if you already have a working permanent air conditioning unit in the house.

Using portable air conditioning units will be great for apartment spaces as well as properties with windows that will not have enough space for a permanent air conditioning installation. Another advantage of using this particular type of machine is that it is extremely compact, has casters, and would only require running an exhaust hose outside of the property for it to work.

The simplicity of the design and installation process can definitely convince you to buy your very own portable air conditioning unit. It also reduces the presence of various insects within a certain room because of the cold temperature.

However, you also have to think about the advantages that swamp coolers will give you.

Major Advantages To Using Portable Swamp Cooler

1. Uses Evaporation To Circulate Natural Air

It uses the full advantage of evaporation as part of the cooling process. Evaporative coolers are made of a box frame containing a fan and water-soaked pads. The fan takes in hot air and sends it through the pads to be released into the atmosphere. This brings down the temperature in a room by about 20°.

pads to be released into the atmosphere. This brings down the temperature in a room by about 20°.
This process is similar to washing your face with cold water. If you do this, you will feel the coolness of the water in your skin, right? Another advantage of using this particular machine is that because of evaporation; the swamp coolers will end up using 75% less energy as compared to air conditioners.

2. Consumes Less Energy

The next advantage that you will get with this product is that it is one of the most cost-effective pieces of equipment that you can have at your home or business. It will not consume much energy because it uses the natural moisture of the environment that it is placed in to cool it down.

3. Silent Operations

Additionally, swamp coolers are far quieter than air conditioning units. Just turn it on and relax because you will hear minimal noise when using this machine.

4. Ease Of Use And Transport

Because of its portable nature, the swamp cooler will not require installation at all. Just unpack it and let it work for you. You can also place it wherever you want the machine to work.

5. The Factor Of Environmental Safety

The swamp cooler is much more environmentally friendly. That’s mainly because of its ability to work with natural air circulation. Air conditioning units use chemical coolants to produce cold air. The swamp coolers will just let the natural air circulate and eventually lower the temperature significantly.

Major Disadvantages Encountered In Swamp Coolers

1. It Doesn’t Effectively Cool Bigger Spaces

This machine does not actually work to cool down big spaces. It will just have the natural air circulate and add humidity to the air, which will lower the temperature subsequently. However, it does not release cold air like an air conditioning unit would.

2. Higher Water Consumption

This machine uses a lot of water to work. This is because it relies heavily on the process of evaporation. So if you want to have this particular machine in your home or business establishment, you have to be prepared to pay for a hefty amount of water consumption bills.

3. It Only Works Well In Dry Climates

The usability of the swamp coolers relies heavily on dry climates. It will not work too well in humid locations. Because of this, you will get extremely limited functionality if you decide to avail of swamp coolers instead of air conditioning units.

4. It Requires A Lot Of Maintenance

Swamp coolers also require a lot more maintenance than air conditioning units. You have to make sure that you install it correctly just to protect the wet pads from direct heat.

With these advantages and disadvantages, you will get to effectively decide which one of these machines you should get for your own home or business. It’s just a matter of doing thorough research. If you are able to learn all that you can about swamp coolers and portable air conditioners prior to buying them, you will surely make an informed decision down the line.

The AC Design: What You Need To Know

The Primary Function And Purpose Of An AC Unit

In the strictest sense, air conditioning serves to control the humidity in the air around a confined space. This is done to give comfort to that building’s occupants as well as to reduce the probability of condensation within the enclosure.

This is good in service of the following purposes.

  • Further protection of certain special items that require cold storage for an extended off period.
  • For temperature control in special types of environments such as indoor gyms and hospitals.

There Are Two Primary Functions Of Portable Air Conditioning

  • Humidity control within the airspace and
  • Cooling down a specific space in a building.

It can also serve to regulate the quality of the air that we breathe through filtration. Some air conditioning units have built-in filters that will catch foreign particulates and in turn prevent them from contaminating the air that we breathe.

Potential Health Issues Related To Portable Air Conditioning

The main issue that most people have with portable air conditioning units is that they are not safe for the environment. They can also pose a threat to the overall health of the people who choose to use it for prolonged periods.

Below are some examples of conditions that may be caused directly by prolonged use of air conditioning units, whether faulty or not.

Respiratory Problems

Sudden fluctuations in temperature caused by air conditioning units in certain rooms can lead to respiratory problems for susceptible individuals.

For example, if your bedroom is air-conditioned, but the rest of your house isn’t, you may end up having various respiratory problems mainly because of constant changes in temperature whenever you go out of your room or the house for that matter.

Dry Skin

Prolonged exposure can cause your skin to dry up. Do not forget to moisturize regularly if you are going to stay in an air-conditioned room for hours on end.

Noise Pollution

Using this particular machine can contribute to noise pollution because it can increase the ambient noise in the background. If you're going to use this particular machine, buy a model that has a silent mode.

Could Transmit Contagious Diseases

Air conditioning units can also easily transmit infectious diseases, especially when circulating cold air. This is why you have to be very careful when going into an air-conditioned room in hospitals. Be sure to wear the necessary gear and apparel before entering so that he would not end up carrying any kind of infectious disease yourself upon going out of the hospital room.

Eye Problems

If you're wearing contact lenses, staying in an air-conditioned room for longer than necessary can cause fogginess. It can also exacerbate any kind of eye condition which can lead to further irritation.

Additional Reminders

This is why it is important for you to make sure that you are able to protect your eyes as well as your throat when entering an air-conditioned room. Too much cold temperature can affect the throat negatively and cause you to cough severely.

Make sure to wear a jacket and a scarf if you're going to stay in an air-conditioned room for many hours in a day. This way, you will stay protected through the cold temperatures.

These are just some of the health problems that you can encounter if you expose yourself to cold air conditioning temperatures for longer periods. It is important to protect yourself from the cold so keep your jacket handy if you're going to enter an air-conditioned room.


These are just some of the main points that you have to consider when it comes to choosing between swamp coolers and air conditioning units. Portability is one of the benefits of having either one of these machines. However, you still have to think about the affordability, as well as the health hazards that may come with using these machines for extended periods.

It would help you to consult some of the well-known manufacturing companies for more information on each product before buying them so that you would know what you can expect from each one. By doing this, you will be well informed and aware of everything that might happen once you get a hold of any of these products.

The key here is to do your homework. If you are able to do this, then everything else will surely follow in terms of finding high-quality swamp coolers and air conditioners.

Whatever you choose in the end will be the best for your situation. Keep your needs in mind, and you will succeed in finding the right unit for you.

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