How To Reduce Humidity in Air Cooler?

How To Reduce Humidity in Air Cooler

According to the experts, an evaporative air cooler does not work effectively in humid conditions. However, there are some things you can do to make them work and blast cooled air into the environment, even when humidity is high.

The only thing you really need to know is how an evaporative air cooler works and then use that information to increase the unit’s ability to cool even when the humidity is high in the room that you’re trying to cool. Following, you’ll find some simple tricks and techniques to help you do just that.

Reasons the Humidity is High 

First of all, you must have an understanding of the reason the humidity in your room is high enough to stop the unit from working efficiently. You’ll find the explanation in the way the device works to create cold air.

Reasons the Humidity is High

An evaporative air cooler uses evaporation of water to create a cooling effect. This is a lot like the perspiration on your skin when you’re sweating and the breeze feels cool. These units have a big water tank and pads that soak in the water and the air passes through. As it passes, the air picks up moisture and the evaporation causes the temperature to be rapidly reduced.

The moist air is then blown into the room by the fan so that you can enjoy a cooler environment. During all this, the cool, moist air is saturating the air, which increases the humidity level. Eventually, the process is no longer going to be effective because the air in the room has reached max – 100% – humidity.

How to Prevent This

The best way to prevent this from occurring is fairly simple. The only thing you need to do is open a window to allow dry air to come in and the moist air out. You can also open a door to create a cross-draft. This will help keep the air in the room dry enough to allow the unit to create cold air. Most of the time, when this simple solution is revealed, people are surprised that they should let hot air in; that would make the room hot, right?

The truth is, the room is actually going to remain cool because the unit is still blasting out cold air. This keeps the temperature in the room cooler than it would be otherwise. This really does work well, so if you have an evaporative cooler that you’re concerned is not working, try this before getting rid of it.

Costs Less to Run 

An evaporative cooler is much different than running a portable air conditioning unit, which requires windows and doors to remain closed to keep the hot air out and the cool air in. If you were to open the windows/doors with your AC running, it would still work, but it would use more energy and cost more to run, which is a waste, no matter how you look at it.

However, experts say that the evaporative air coolers cost a fraction of the energy that it would cost to run an AC. Therefore, you don’t waste energy having windows/doors open, and in fact (as mentioned), this actually makes the unit much more effective.

Costs Less to Run

Now you know the truth, if you weren’t already aware. It is possible to run an evaporative air cooler in a humid room by simply allowing the air to cycle in from outside to keep the moisture level low. This way, you can still enjoy the low-cost benefits to using an air cooler instead of an air conditioning unit to keep your space cold during the hot days.

Of course, you must keep in mind that these tips are not meant to help you on days when the outdoor environment is also humid. These tips will only work when the air outside is dry and the air inside is humid.

If the area you live in is really humid – that is, higher than 60% – you can’t realistically expect your evaporative air cooler to be as effective as an air conditioner. The most you can expect is to get cooler air blown on you, but it is not going to cool a whole room, and definitely not your whole house like an air conditioner will. If the humidity outside is higher than 70%, you have reached the limitation of your evaporative air cooler. At that point, you’ll have to switch to using your AC unit instead to keep your space cool.

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