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What is an Evaporative Cooler?

Basically, an evaporative cooler is a piece of equipment that cools the temperatures in your space. It does that through vaporization of water from a flat surface, typically a pad. Usually, the evaporation of water from a body reduces its temperature. Unlike common belief, evaporating water from a body doesn’t necessarily make said body warmer.An […]

Portable Air Conditioners Vs. Portable Swamp Coolers

As soon as you feel the temperature rise, of course, you would feel the need to cool down. The equipment you’re more likely to resort to would be an air conditioning system. However, in certain locations, particularly in apartment buildings, it may be an issue to install a standard air conditioning unit.Air conditioning machines are […]

Evaporative cooler vs. Portable Air Conditioner

It’s of utmost importance to cool your home in the late spring months for exceptional comfort and your proper wellbeing, but what’s the ideal approach to put this in place? Setting up small fans for additional air is savvy; however, it won’t serve you better.On hot and sunny days, you have two different options to […]